How Can Orthodontics Improve Your Smile


Because of some gaps in their teeth or overbite, some persons are becoming self-conscious of their smiles, and thus they could consider undergoing orthodontic treatments or have braces. Dentistry has a special field that deals with correcting teeth that are misaligned and in getting one’s bite in order for cosmetic or hygienic purposes, and this is called orthodontics so click for more. Note that orthodontic treatments are not only for children but any age can actually benefit from these treatments for as long as the patient has healthy teeth, gums and bones that the dentist can work with.

Physical manipulation of the existing teeth and their structures is the essence of teeth movement, and this movement is repeated several times during the course of the treatment where the person can see a steady progress and improvement of the teeth. Depending on the age of the patient and his or her current state of oral health, the full treatment could take around 18 months to some years. It is advisable that when you get started with a new treatment, you meet first with your general dentist or orthodontist for a consultation, and let the professional looked at your smile closely. Medical and dental history,as well as physical examination, will be included in the discussion during your consultation with your orthodontist or general dentist. In order to get a good diagnose of your teeth condition, these physical examinations could be x-rays, photographs and impressions to be taken of your teeth and bite.

Although orthodontics have many benefits associated with these, the first benefit that can be attributed is purely cosmetic. An example is when a person is self conscious because of his or her crooked teeth, of which his or her self esteem will come back after an orthodontic treatment that will leave him or her with a perfectly straight teeth. Be aware that beyond the beautiful smile resulting from this treatment, other benefit would be about your hygiene too. Take note that having large gaps or overcrowded mouth will make it for one to clean in between teeth, and if not managed properly could lead to other diseases like gum disease.

There are some individuals who have protruding teeth and it is in this regard that orthodontics can be beneficial, thus you would reduce the risk of injury during sports and other physical activities. By realigning your teeth, there will be less stress placed on your jaw joints and can give you a better facial profile. Our teeth are sometimes subjected to wear and tear, and this can be minimized through orthodontic treatment at Moody Orthodontics.

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